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Hanoi Cinnamon Official is recognized as a trusted source for wholesalers seeking high-quality cinnamon goods. Elevate your spice inventory with our premium cinnamon sticks, ground cinnamon, and more. Experience the authentic flavors of Vietnam and unlock new business opportunities.

1. General information about Hanoi Cinnamon Official 

Hanoi Cinnamon Official was established in 1996 and has gained support from the Ministry of Industry and Trade. Over the years, it has grown to become one of the largest factories and suppliers of Vietnamese cinnamon, offering products with good quality and reasonable prices. The company follows the motto “Quality is King” and has built a strong reputation in the market, earning the trust and belief of its customers.

Hanoi Cinnamon Official has established itself as a reliable partner for over 300 importers of Hanoi cinnamon from countries such as India, the United States, Bangladesh, Mexico, Pakistan, and more. With a focus on Vietnamese agricultural products, including Vietnamese cinnamon, the company aims to be a leading wholesaler in the industry. Utilizing the internet for transnational business, Hanoi Cinnamon has been a pioneer in connecting with partners worldwide.

Vietnamese Cinnamon, backed by the Ministry of Industry and Trade, is a national project aimed at providing the best Vietnamese agricultural goods to the global market. The company operates with the slogan “Quality is King,” ensuring the delivery of high-quality products at competitive prices.

Some notable accomplishments of  Hanoi Cinnamon Official include 25 years of development history, an international network with exports to 80 countries, two offices located in Vietnam and the USA, and a monthly supply capacity of 15,000 tons.

General information about Hanoi Cinnamon Official

2. The products of Hanoi Cinnamon Official

Below are the product approval process of Hanoi Cinnamon Official and the current product offered:

2.1. The product approval process of Hanoi Cinnamon Official

The product approval process of Hanoi Cinnamon Official may involve several steps such as:

  • Sourcing and Selection: Hanoi Cinnamon Official may carefully source cinnamon products from trusted suppliers or Hanoi cinnamon farms. They may have criteria for choosing high-quality cinnamon.
  • Quality Control and Testing: The company may test their cinnamon products to ensure quality. This includes aroma, taste, appearance, and food safety testing.
  • Compliance with Regulations: Hanoi Cinnamon Official would ensure that their products comply with local Vietnamese and export market regulations.
  • Documentation and Certifications: The company may keep certificates of origin, certificates of analysis, and other export-related documentation for their products.
  • Internal Review and Approval: Hanoi Cinnamon Official may review products internally to ensure they meet company standards before selling them.
  • Packaging and Labeling: The products would be properly packaged and labeled with accurate and compliant ingredient lists, nutritional information, and any regulatory labeling.

2.2. The current products offered by Hanoi Cinnamon Official

Some examples of products that Hanoi Cinnamon Official may offer include:

  • Cinnamon Sticks: Hanoi Cinnamon Official may provide high-quality cinnamon sticks sourced from Hanoi, Vietnam. These cinnamon sticks can be used in cooking, baking, or for flavoring beverages.
  • Ground Cinnamon: They might offer finely ground cinnamon powder that is commonly used as a spice in various recipes, such as desserts, drinks, and savory dishes.
  • Cinnamon Extracts or Oils: They could potentially offer cinnamon extracts or oils that are derived from cinnamon bark. These extracts and oils can be used in food and beverage applications or in the production of cosmetics, fragrances, and aromatherapy products.

Please note that the specific range of products offered by Hanoi Cinnamon Official may vary, and it’s best to visit their official website or contact them directly for the most accurate and up-to-date information about their current product offerings.

The current products offered by Hanoi Cinnamon Official

3. The steps of importing products from Hanoi Cinnamon Official

Importing Hanoi Cinnamon Official products depends on the importing country’s laws. The import process is summarized here:

  • Research Import Regulations: Learn about your country’s cinnamon and food import regulations, customs duties, and other requirements. To learn about permits, licenses, and documentation, contact government agencies or customs.
  • Contact Hanoi Cinnamon Official: Express interest in importing their products. Discuss import-related products, quantities, and other details. Ask about export requirements.
  • Select and order Hanoi Cinnamon Official’s products. Confirm quantities, pricing, and packaging and labeling needs. Order from the company, communicating delivery and payment terms.
  • Logistics: Coordinate shipping and logistics with Hanoi Cinnamon Official. This may involve selecting a freight forwarder or shipping agent to transport the goods from Hanoi to your destination. Discuss shipping, estimated transit time, and required documentation.
  • Customs Clearance: Submit import paperwork to your country’s customs. Commercial invoices, packing lists, certificates of origin, import permits, and other relevant licenses are usually included. If necessary, use a customs broker or agent to comply with regulations and clear the goods.
  • Payment and Import Duties: Pay Hanoi Cinnamon Official as agreed. Import duties, taxes, and fees may apply when the goods arrive in your country. Clear customs and pay customs duties.
  • Product Inspection and Quality Control: After receiving the products, check them for specifications, quality, and regulatory compliance. Hanoi Cinnamon Official will resolve any problems.
  • Distribution and Sales: After customs and quality control, you can distribute and sell imported cinnamon. Develop marketing strategies, distribution channels, and customer/retailer relationships.

Importing is complicated and country-specific. To ensure import compliance and smooth execution, consult with international trade professionals like customs brokers, freight forwarders, or trade consultants.

If you want to know more about this brand, click this link to see Hanoi Cinnamon social media here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/cinnamon-vietnamese-8502a6273/

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