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With so many wholesale hair vendors Canada to choose from, it can be difficult for consumers to narrow down their options. And here, you’ll discover all the details you need to pick the one that’s best for your hair enterprise.

Factors to consider before selecting wholesale hair vendors in Canada

Listed below are some things you should know before deciding to engage with wholesale hair vendors in Canada

1.1. Types of wholesale hair vendors in Canada

Wholesale hair vendors in Canada can be broken down into two categories:

  • Hair manufacturing facility: make hair goods using raw materials from overseas.
    • Canada is home to a sizable number of hair wholesalers, but only a few of those are actually hair manufacturers.
    • Ottawa, Canada’s capital, boasts both a developed economy and easy access to key transit stations, making it an ideal location for many of these hair manufacturing facilities.
    • These hair processing plants are enormous, replete with cutting-edge apparatus.
    • Canada’s high employment and warehousing costs mean that its hair manufacturers charge far more than their competitors throughout the world.
  • Business enterprise — another category of wholesale hair vendors Canada that buys finished goods from overseas hair companies and resells them here:
    • Accounted for a dominant number of wholesale hair vendors in Canada
    • Retail outlets, shopping malls, and online marketplaces make up the bulk of their customer base.
    • They have to charge a higher price because of the hefty import duty on completed hair products.
    • Canada’s commercial hair enterprises import full items, making it impossible for them to maintain constant quality control over their production in the same way that hair manufacturers can.

Rather than patronizing a commercial business, you may find better value and consistency in price and quality by purchasing directly from a hair factory. Nevertheless, many businesses falsely advertise themselves as “hair manufacturers” in an effort to attract customers.


If the wholesale hair vendors in Canada can’t prove they are legitimate businesses, you can either visit them in person or, if you don’t live locally, arrange a video chat to inspect their facilities and inventory.

1.2. Why are there so few wholesale hair vendors in Canada

Canadian hair manufacturers are less numerous than Canada’s commercial hair enterprises for a few reasons.

  • Canada’s hair manufacturing industry relies heavily on imported raw materials, particularly hair, from Asia because of a dearth of suitable domestic sources.
  • More so, it is challenging to start and manage a manufacturing unit in Canada due to the country’s severe manufacturing legislation.
  • Many would-be entrepreneurs avoid starting hair factories because of the high expense of personnel, factory space, technology, and machines.

1.3. Where and how good the hair comes from that is sold by wholesale hair vendors in Canada

Because of Canada’s limited ability to produce its own raw materials, the large bulk of wholesale hair vendors in Canada must instead rely on suppliers in Asia. Indeed, the source of the hair has a major impact on the overall quality of the hair.

  • Hair from the best wholesale raw hair vendors in Southeast Asia (usually Vietnam, Malaysia, Cambodia, and Burma): the hair is pretty, genuine black, lustrous, and robust because of the region’s warm environment and natural qualities in addition to hair care techniques. Women in rural and hilly regions who care for their hair with herbals rather than chemicals and heating are the primary sources of raw hair.
  • As the local demand for manufactured goods in China exceeds the available supply of human hair, Chinese hair companies must import hair from other nations such as Vietnam, Malaysia, India, and Pakistan, etc., before making and selling their finished goods to wholesale hair vendors in Canada.
  • As a result, the texture of the hair is not constant and consistent; some strands will be of higher quality than others. The price of good hair is really high. Even with China’s cutting-edge processing method, cheap hair nevertheless loses its sheen and luster after repeated use.
  • Two common categories of Indian hair are temple hair and hairballs.
    • Temple hair is hair that has been collected from temples where Indians have shaved their heads out of respect for their religion. This hair type is thick and strong, but it also tends to be dry and harsh.
    • Hair from the ground, the bathroom floor, and the sewers is what makes up a hairball. Hair is washed and processed to become either non-remy or remy hair. This kind of hair is exceedingly delicate and of poor quality since the cuticles have been stripped away throughout the manufacturing phases. The majority of hair that is shipped to Chinese hair companies is of this variety.

1.4. Products predominantly sold by wholesale hair vendors in Canada

Canadians have specific preferences and wants, and wholesale hair suppliers cater to their demands. Tape-ins, clip-ins, tip-ins, ponytails, and wigs are just a few of the various varieties of hair extensions that sell well in wholesale hair vendors in Canada. Black, brown, and coffee brown hair are the most common. or blonde tones, and the most popular hairstyles feature either straight hair, body waves, or loose waves.

1.5. The pricing at wholesale hair vendors Canada

Wholesale hair vendors in Canada is known for its high pricing, which is among the highest in the world. For instance, wholesale hair dealers here can make $30–$40 on the sale of a bundle of 100g 8′′ natural straight hair, yet the importation price is only $10 (containing cost of the product + relevant fees).

Advantages and disadvantages when working with wholesale hair vendors in Canada

So that you can decide if ordering from Canadian wholesale hair suppliers is right for you, let’s take a look at the pros and cons of doing so.

2.1. Advantages when working with wholesale hair vendors in Canada

The benefits of sourcing hair from Canadian wholesalers are as follows:

  • Wholesale hair vendors in Canada acquire their hair from a variety of countries, giving buyers a wide variety of options.
  • Living close by allows you to inspect the goods and make a more educated buying decision, eliminating any possibility of being duped.
  • Wholesale hair vendors in Canada who have a firm grasp on the tastes and preferences of their country’s clients will be the ones most equipped to help their clients choose the perfect hair extensions.
  • Thanks to Canada’s well-developed logistics infrastructure, the country’s domestic transport options are both convenient and reasonably priced.


2.2. Disadvantages when working with wholesale hair vendors in Canada

Downsides of Buying Hair from Canadian Wholesalers:

  • Wholesale hair vendors in Canada have no way of controlling the integrity of their supplies, hence hair is often of varying and unpredictable quality. They need to bring in raw materials from other countries, the quality of which varies greatly depending on the source.
  • Wholesale hair extensions in Canada are typically more costly than those given by hair manufacturers in the nations from which the raw materials are imported due to high costs associated with both labor and warehousing, as well as customs duties.
  • For example, wholesale hair vendors in Canada may run out of stock in time for the holidays and require additional time to fulfill bulk orders because they must import hair from Asia.

Therefore, if you’re trying to buy hair in bulk, it’s clear that doing so via straight acquisition from the nations which are the providers of raw materials results in reduced pricing and more consistent quality. If you’re a newcomer to the market and lack experience, though, it’s best to buy from wholesale hair vendors in Canada.

Top best wholesale hair vendors in Canada

We’ve compiled a list of reputable Canadian wholesale hair providers to help you save time and avoid getting gouged:

3.1. Canada Hair – top 1 in wholesale hair vendors in Canada

With a wide range of clients, Canada Hair is widely recognized as one of Canada’s premier wholesale hair suppliers.

  • Canada Hair’s wholesale hair extensions Canada come in a rainbow of colors, styles, and sizes, but the company’s crown jewels are its high-quality wigs.
  • You can get three sets of clip-in hair extensions for around $120, which is a steal.
  • In accordance with their return policy, unopened items may be returned or exchanged inside Fifteen days of delivery for a full refund or credit. It may take up to 5 working days for the company to process the returns and give a replacement or refund.


Canada Hair is widely regarded as one of the country’s finest wholesale hair vendors in Canda, thanks to its consistently high quality and helpful customer support staff.

3.2. SalonLabs – top 2 in wholesale hair vendors in Canada

After many years in the business, SalonLabs has shown to be one of Canada’s most dependable wholesale hair providers.

  • SalonLabs’ main offerings include a wide variety of hair extension options, including clip-ins, keratin fusion, tape-ins, ponytails, and more. , as well as wigs in standard shades like black, brown, and blonde.
  • Clip-in hair extensions start at about $120 for a package of three, and this is a very fair price.
  • Returns and exchanges are permitted according to this policy.

When looking for a reliable wholesale hair vendor in Canada, go no further than SalonLabs.

3.3. Remy Hair – top 3 in wholesale hair vendors in Canada

Remy Hair is a hair firm established in Canada that provides wholesale Canadian hair products to hair retailers in the United States and Canada. Remy Hair guarantees their clients that they’ll obtain the hair they want from manufacturers at wholesale prices.

  • Clip-in, fusion, tape-in, ponytail, halo hair, weft-hair, and wig extensions are just a few of the many that they stock.
  • Cost: Each wig is reasonably priced as $200-$400.
  • Merchandise which have been unsealed, used, or otherwise interfered with are not eligible for a return or exchange per their policy.

If you’re looking for wholesale hair vendors in Canada from which you can buy a diverse range of hair extension goods with complete confidence, Remy Hair is your best bet.

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